Thai cuisine

Thai food - just the facts:

In September last year by voting on facebook identified 50 of the most delicious dishes on the planet.

Tom Yam Kung in 4th place out of the 50 best courses in the world.

Satey - Thai skewers - 14th place of the 50 best courses in the world.

Green Curry - Green Curry - 19 place

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 Big Sheet (Crispy Seaweed) Snack
 Big Sheet (Crispy Seaweed) Snack Tao Kae Noi, the Japanese Crispy Seaweed is manufactured w..
9.00 THB
Best Odour Flavour
Best Odour Flavour Food essences from Best Odour with a huge variety of flavors and aromas. Es..
35.00 THB
Chia Seed 12gr
Chia Seed 12gr 100% Seeds Chia package 12 grams is a nutritious, environmentally friendly product..
42.00 THB
Coconut sugar 100%
Coconut sugar 100% Coconut sugar is one of nature's best sweeteners. Farmers collect tree sap fro..
60.00 THB
Crispy Durian
Crispy Durian Natural Chips from the Thai king of fruits - durian from. Chips of dried durian ..
34.00 THB
Crispy Small Crickets Original Flavor
Crispy Small Crickets Original Flavor Unusual delicacy from Thailand - crispy original small cric..
30.00 THB
Dehydrated Longan Meat
Dehydrated Longan Meat This Product made from all fresh natural ingredients. Dehydrated longan ha..
100.00 THB
Dehydrated Mango
Dehydrated Mango Mango is grown throughout Thailand. Most mangoes are eaten ripened while some ca..
118.00 THB
Dried slices of Thai fruits
Dried slices of Thai fruits - delicious and healthy sweetness from Thailand. The set: pineapple, ..
100.00 THB
Dried Stevia Leaves greensweet
Dried Stevia Leaves greensweet Stevia or sugar grass is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic i..
135.00 THB
Dry coconut milk 60gr
Dry coconut milk 60gr Dry coconut milk for instant preparation of coconut milk. For the pre..
30.00 THB
Fruity Pocky
Fruity Pocky Strawberry taste -  biscuit stick coated with strawberry cream and flak..
45.00 THB
Instant Tofu Miso Soup Lobo
Instant Tofu Miso Soup Lobo Delicious miso soup of quick preparation with algae wakame, onio..
70.00 THB
J fruit Dehydrated Cantaloupe
J fruit Dehydrated Cantaloupe Cantaloupe - "colourful melon" is very popular in asian country and..
140.00 THB
J Fruit Dehydrated Coconut
J Fruit Dehydrated Coconut Coconut is a staple in the diet and is an ingredient for variety of Th..
110.00 THB