Thai herbal teas 

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 Cat’s Wrisker Herbal Tea
 Cat’s Wrisker Herbal Tea Kidney tea - a herbal tea from the plant Cat's whisker or orthosip..
43.00 THB
Butterfly Pea 50g
Butterfly Pea 50g Butterfly Pea first gained its reputation as a powerful hair strengthener in th..
55.00 THB
Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea Tea made from powdered ginger in powder suitable for brewing filter packets from ..
40.00 THB
Gingko Tea
Gingko Tea Natural herbal tea from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba on the Thai manufacturer - Thanypo..
45.00 THB
Instant Ginger 100% Ranong Tea
Instant Ginger 100% Ranong Tea Popular in Thailand ginger tea in the pellets for cooking tasty an..
165.00 THB
Instant Ginger Drink
Instant Ginger Drink  Popular in Thailand is ginger tea in instant granules with the additio..
7.00 THB
Jaio Gu Lan Tea Thanyaporn
Jaio Gu Lan Tea Thanyaporn  Tea from the "immortality herb" Dzhiagulan (Jiaogulan or Souther..
45.00 THB
Jasmine Flower Tea 30 gr
100.00 THB
Lemongrass Tea
Lemongrass Tea Dried leaves lemongrass without additives and impurities. In Thailand lemongras..
65.00 THB
Lingzhi mushroom tea
Lingzhi mushroom tea Ganoderma Lucidum, Reishi, Lingzhi, Linzhi, Reishi, Lingzhi Thanyaporn Herbs..
45.00 THB
Matoom - Beal Fruit
Matoom - Beal Fruit Matoom - a Thai name Bael fruit of the tree. For tea Matoom - very tasty a..
190.00 THB
Matoom Bael Instant Drink
Matoom Bael Instant Drink The tea from Bael's fruit is granular instant with the addition of brow..
7.00 THB
Milk Green Tea
Milk Green Tea Thai milk green tea - National unusually tasty drink inhabitants of the Kingdom of..
90.00 THB
Pandan Tea
Pandan Tea Pandan Tea is delicious and an excellent source of vitamins. Pandan tea relieves heada..
40.00 THB
Puer Tea
Puer Tea Puer Tea tochah (10 pieces for each 3 grams, pressed in the form of a cup of tea). Bl..
45.00 THB