Bones, Muscles and Joints

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Black Balm King Cobra Royal thai herb
Black Balm King Cobra Royal thai herb Black Thai Balm Cobra is an anti-inflammatory and anestheti..
70.00 THB
Counterpain Plus
Counterpain Plus Counterpain Plus Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Gel relieves exhausted and te..
270.00 THB
Golden cup balm
GOLDEN CUP BALM Golden cup balm for relief of muscular rheumatism, strains, headache, insect..
37.00 THB
Kal Cab
Kal Cab Oyster powder capsules  Each Capsule 580mg. Contain: Oyster 51.72% Oyst..
200.00 THB
Namman Muay cream
Namman Muay cream Muay analgesic cream has active heating agents that prepares the muscles for sp..
95.00 THB
Neobun menthol plaster
Neobun menthol plaster NEOBUN For Stiffness and Tightness. Relief muscles joints aches and pains ..
20.00 THB
Noxa 20 Capsules
Noxa 20 Capsules Thai drug Noxa 20 for pain relief in the joints and spine with anti-inflammatory..
42.00 THB
Rasyan Herbal Relief Pain Oil
Rasyan Herbal Relief Pain Oil Combines with various of herbs to relief painfulness from aches of ..
120.00 THB
Red colour Herbs Hot balm
Red colour Herbs Hot balm Red Thai balsam with chili pepper and mint from the Thai brand manufact..
55.00 THB
TIGER BALM Medicated Plaster
TIGER BALM Medicated Plaster For Relief of Muscular Pains Decription : TIGER BALM® has been us..
95.00 THB
TIGER BALM Red The warm variation of the classic Tiger Balm muscle pain relief ointment is ideal ..
90.00 THB
TIGER BALM White The classic Tiger Balm ointment which many of us grew up with. It is often used ..
90.00 THB